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Product Structure

  • Maintains a Bill of Material for every manufactured item. The structure includes raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, bought-out items and other items required during the manufacturing of that specific item.
  • Quantity of each child item required with their respective unit of measurement. Also allows recording weight of an item by maintaining its density, dimensions and pieces.
  • Three types of relationships are maintained between parent and child item
    • Mandatory - Components required compulsory to make the specified item
    • Optional - Components not compulsory to make the specified item
    • Feature - A non physical attribute of the manufactured item
  • Once finalised, Product Structure is further used to make the Customer Bill of Material.
  • Final Product Structure can not be changed without proper authorization.
  • Option to use an existing Product Structure to make a new Product Structure thereby eliminating repetitive data entry. Further the new structure is modifiable as per the requirements of the item.

Item Maintenance

  • A detailed collection of items right from the finished state to the smallest of raw material required during the manufacturing process. Items are grouped and sub grouped as per the client�s typical functioning.
  • Five types of items can be maintained
    • Assembly Item
    • Buy Item
    • Feature Item
    • Make Item
    • Ready Sub-Assembly
  • Further grouping of items as per their nature to provide various MIS related reports.
  • Facility to save drawings and designs of each item in the form of Image and PDF files.
  • Identifies if a Work Order is required for in house manufacturing of 'Assembly' and 'Make Item' type of item. Provides integration with the Production Module of IMMS. This information is also reflected in Customer Bill of Material where it becomes crucial for availability and scheduling of the specific item.
  • Quality check for each item specifies whether it should go through the quality checks before reaching the stock or not. This allows integration with the Quality Control Module of IMMS.

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