Planning Module
  • Demand Generation
  • Work Order

Demand Generation

  • Allocation reserves mentioned quantity of the said item in a particular warehouse depending on its availability and requirement. Allocation can be automatic or manual.    Sample
  • De allocation reverses the effects of allocations done previously allowing the flexibility to shift priorities during on going production. De allocation can be automatic or manual.
  • A history of Allocations, De allocations, Returns, Rejections, On-Hand stock and pending Work Order / Purchase Order quantity for each item is maintained.
  • Allows generating Work Orders for unallocated quantity of each manufactured item in the demand list. These are instructions to the Production Department indicating child items required, their quantities and various processes involved during the production.

Work Order

  • Default Process Sheets of respective manufactured items available to further work on.
  • Automatic calculation of Work Order start date in accordance with its due date and maximum time taken by any operation.
  • Secures Work Order items by locking them. Item related changes can be done through Customer Changes Note in Engineering Module only.
  • Generation of Work Orders for items short in the warehouse.
  • Freezes a Work Order once released for production. No changes what so ever allowed thereafter without proper authorization.
  • Allows undoing the Work Order release. Alterations are possible again without authorization.
  • Allows reflecting realistic changes in on-going process of Work Orders during production. A history of such amendments is maintained and authorized.
  • Closing of Work Order(s) belonging to a particular Sales Job Order once production is over.
  • Consolidation of Work Orders against Sales Job Order.

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