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Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah boasts of a sprawling career that spans over 40 years and encompasses an array of roles within the sales landscape. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is proficient in conceptual selling. Over these four decades, he has contributed to pioneering innovations across telecommunications, office automation, computer peripherals, networking hardware and software, as well as ERP solutions, significantly contributing to the market’s advancement.

Rajesh Shah has established proficient sales teams, fostering the growth of robust Dealer and Business Partner networks. An exceptional milestone is independent conversion of the entire user base of cooperative banks in Gujarat and transitioning them to licensed utilization of a renowned networking software. He has successfully engaged with over 400+ manufacturing companies across India, who are also esteemed clients, have benefitted from SourcePro’s ERP product. Rajesh Shah’s educational foundation comprises a degree in Commerce from Gujarat University, enriched by a Certificate Course in Computer Programming pursued during the early 1980s.