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Unmesh Mehta
Managing Director

With an illustrious journey spanning over three decades in the IT field, Unmesh Mehta has garnered a wealth of experience across a diverse range of domains. From envisioning software products to propelling market expansion, establishing organizations, fostering team development, adhering to regulatory protocols, managing finances, and steering corporate governance, his expertise encompasses a wide spectrum. He successfully established an ERP solution tailored explicitly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), effectively catering to distinct industry verticals.

Among Unmesh Mehta’s notable strengths is profound insights into manufacturing business practices and expectations that enterprise-class clients hold for proficient business applications. His outstanding interpersonal skills foster collaboration, and his innate ability to identify and nurture emerging leaders within teams sets him apart. By creating a nurturing environment, he facilitates both individual and collective growth, while his proficiency at assessing and mitigating risks ensures well-informed decision-making at every step.