Administrator Tools of Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Each company has a unique set of processes. The Administrator Tools module of New Horizon fulfills such requirements. It provides New Horizon the flexibility to adapt as per the company’s functioning and lets you configure it according to your needs. This is one of the many reasons New Horizon is the best ERP for the manufacturing industry.

Most of the entries here are inputted only once and are responsible for the overall behavior of New Horizon.

Key Highlights of Administrator Tools ERP Solution

  • Policy definition for each module to define the way processes should work
  • New Horizon works for multiple companies and multiple sites within each company
  • Control on New Horizon modules is accessible for a particular company or site
  • Facility to create a cluster of companies for data replication
  • Creation of operational roles to provide module-level and function-level rights of access
  • User management in the form of encrypted passwords and association with operation role
  • Maintenance of buyers, planners and other employees of the company
  • Facility to enter frequently used data only once and then use it anywhere throughout New Horizon with a single keystroke or by entering its relevant code. For example – unit of measurement, delivery terms, city-state-country, currencies and many more
  • Maintenance of latest exchange rates of various currencies for conversions
  • Flexibility to customize captions for Statutory Registration Numbers and the location of their display in formats
  • Deactivation of certain master entries without deleting them. If at any point, they are required again, the user has to simply activate
  • Grouping of items into classes and sub-classes streamlines the company’s functioning
  • Period-end processing at the end of a user-defined period
  • Year-end processing at the end of the financial year
  • Maintenance of ISO numbers and their position on certain documents
  • One-time input of module-wise instructions to adapt New Horizon to the company’s way of functioning
  • Facility to provide function-wise instructions to New Horizon that are to be followed throughout