Stores & Inventory Module of Discrete Manufacturing ERP

This module of New Horizon enables the enterprise to instantly respond to material requirements of other departments such as Production, Purchase and Quality Control. It manages various warehouses of the enterprise which makes it accountable for all the material in them and to help other departments meet the deadlines by providing them materials on time. It effortlessly manages all material transactions such as issues, receipts, rejections and returns to/from the vendors/customers, Work Order-related transactions as well as inter-store transactions. It also takes care of extra requisitions and scrap items.

Benefits of Stores & Inventory Module ERP Solution

  • Updates your inventory real-time by quantity and value so that you can take accurate decisions on prioritizing your production
  • Gain total control over your inventory and prevent losses
  • Increased inventory efficiency increases profitability

Key Highlights

  • Facility to define multiple warehouses
  • Facility to link users with warehouse to restrict the access
  • Facility to define which warehouses should be considered for Inventory Valuation, MRP etc.
  • Facility to create KANBAN warehouses on the shop floor
  • Facility to receive goods in warehouses with/without Gate Inward
  • Facility to receive goods with/without Purchase Order
  • Separate warehouse to store the material supplied by the customer
  • Receipt of items on the basis of their manufacturing batches/inward number/heat number/serial number
  • Receipt and inventory management of Dimension Items
  • Flexibility to change dimensions while receiving them
  • Three Inventory Valuation methods – FIFO, Weighted Average and At Cost
  • Stock updation can be done either after receiving goods or after quality checks
  • Facility to issue material to shop floor against Work Order/Sales Job Order/Customer Order
  • Facility to issue extra material over and above material required against Sales Job Order
  • Receipt of an item after it is manufactured against a Work Order
  • Automatic allocation of KANBAN items from its available quantity to the WO warehouse
  • Automatic raising of Positive Adjustment Voucher in case the required KANBAN quantity is more than the stock in hand
  • Facility to bifurcate ‘at actual’ taxes for different items received
  • Transfer of Process Items from process warehouse to required warehouse
  • Facility of transferring material from one warehouse to another
  • KANBAN and Back Flush Functionality