Material Module of Ceramics Manufacturing ERP

The Material module is a simplified solution for the most complex activity. Designed specifically to serve the needs of a discrete manufacturing company. It is a dynamic platform to record product-sensitive data, product and customer-specific bill of material and intermediate processes involved with the flexibility of authorized amendments. All of this is done with tight integration to the Sales, Planning, Production, Purchase and Stores & Inventory modules of New Horizon ERP.

Moreover, this module captures and maintains a database of:
1. What you manufacture
2. The materials from which you manufacture
3. How you manufacture it
4. Where you manufacture it

Key Highlights of Material Module ERP System

  • Hierarchical product formation (Brand > Product Group > Collection > Design > Finish > Size > Thickness)
  • Facility to define grades to each finished goods SKU
  • Maintenance of Caliber codes to provide the actual size difference in millimeters from the collection size
  • Item code generation
  • BOM creation for unlimited levels and unlimited items
  • Stage-wise freezing of BOM to initiate procurement and production activities
  • Automatic creation of a customer bill of material in accordance to the ordered item and its BOM
  • Link between an engineering item and its corresponding sales item
  • Tracking of items that need internal or external processes with their inventory management
  • Process Sheets to capture ‘Manufacturing Knowledge’
  • Engineering Changes Note to change product structure of a manufactured/assembly item
  • Customer Changes Note to change customer bill of material while an order is under execution