New Horizon - ERP For Discrete Manufacturing

As technology advances by leaps and bounds every day, your business needs can be easily powered by an ERP software that can efficiently cope up with its rapidly changing environment. An ERP software for discrete manufacturing industry is necessary because it helps establish an integrated system for the efficient management of fragmented operations by defining critical processes on-the-go.

 The best ERP solution is the one that helps drastically reduce the work required to deliver value for the customers. This effectively channels employee efforts and resources towards increasing the net workflow value at each step of the process.

Why SourcePro New Horizon?

SourcePro New Horizon—the best ERP software for manufacturing industry—is a one-stop ERP solution that automates your business processes. New Horizon helps you achieve maximum efficiency and quicker ROI. In short, your search for the best discrete manufacturing ERP software ends with SourcePro New Horizon.

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Features of SourcePro New Horizon

  • Quick and easy access to frequently used functions by adding them to ‘Favourites’
  • View notifications while working
  • User profile maintenance
  • Dashboard access to item and advanced search
  • Automated report generation based on multiple parameters and filters
  • Document attachment facility with almost every data entry form
  • Facility to search and change the order of data in grids
  • Filter the documents on the basis of their status (Authorised/Unauthorised/Deleted)
  • Extensive and detailed help with hyperlinks accessible with a single click
  • Context specific Help-according to screen lay-outs of New Horizon
  • Hot switchable multilingual user interface

Our Material Module is a dynamic platform that caters to the specific needs of discrete manufacturing companies. It records product-sensitive data in a manner that simplifies one of the most complex activities within the process.

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Our Customer Relationship Module addresses the whole range of solutions covering machinery sales and maintenance, as well as identifying the high-potential prospects. It records and handles customer-specific needs followed by order-related activities and dispatches.

ERP Planning Module - SourcePro

Our Planning Module uses data from other integrated functions to forecast material and machine capacity required with a just-in-time approach. It records incoming priority of customer orders from the sales department to create planning items automatically.

ERP Accounting Software - SourcePro

Our Purchase Module gives an overview of, and helps manage, the individual component demand to deliver a customer order. It raises timely alerts for supply chain manager to purchase the components and see through the completion of order.

Warehouse System | SourcePro

Our Stores & Inventory Module enables the enterprise to respond instantly to material requirements of other departments such as Production, Purchase and Quality Control. It offers a single platform to overview and manage material stored in all warehouses helping the departments meet their deadlines.

Our Production Module works in tandem with the planning module to ensure that the products are ready exactly how the customer demanded and exactly when the customer needs them. It receives work orders, records material requirements, and ensures quality checks on finished products

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Our Sub-contracting Module manages all third-party transactions as a part of extended supply chain planning for both made-for-order and made-for-stock kind of items. It involves maintaining gate passes while issuing materials, raising indents, and receiving processed material with quality checks.

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Our Administrator Tools fulfils the unique requirements of the company by providing the flexibility it needs with a user configurable model that can be adapted as per individual functions of the enterprise.

Our Finance Module records instant postings from other modules to eliminate paperwork and eventually prevents duplication and discrepancy of data. Its strict adherence to the document principle provides an unbroken audit trail from the financial statements to the individual documents.

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Our Quality Control and Assurance Module defines the control parameters for items and processes as required across the Material, Production, Purchase, Stores and Sub-contracting departments. It records values for ongoing work as well as for received and delivered orders for management to assess individual processes and vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discrete manufacturers produce goods from a bunch of other items, i.e. they assemble multiple parts to create a product. So, you need an ERP that keeps a check on each part, For example, if you are a discrete furniture manufacturer, you need to track wooden planks, fabrics, nuts, bolts, etc. And, a discrete manufacturing ERP ensures that you can track every item down to the last detail, thereby eliminating wastage.

A manufacturing ERP solution focuses on automating and fast-tracking processes related to production. It also helps you in keeping a track of goods manufactured and distributed. Whereas, a generic ERP comes with a range of solutions that can ease daunting operations like accounting, HR, etc.

While choosing an ERP for a discrete manufacturing company, you need to ensure that the vendor offers following features:

  1. Configurable multilevel Bill of Material
  2. Process sheet definition
  3. Inward, In-process and Finished Goods QC
  4. Subcontracting
  5. Integrated Finance
  6. Integrated processes from BOM definition to tracking actual cost

Also, ensure that the vendor provides you with a complete software training, so your employees can utilize it without facing any navigational challenge.

A Discrete manufacturing organisation produces finished goods in steps. At every step the material may change its shape, size, form and unit of measurement. Tracking the material through its journey from raw material to finished product in terms of quantity and value is daunting if done manually, and is error-prone. A discrete manufacturing ERP solution integrates and streamlines business processes namely CRM, Cash collection, procurement, payment, production, finance, etc.