Material Module of Discrete Manufacturing ERP

The Material module is a simplified solution for the most complex activity. Designed specifically for discrete manufacturing companies. It is a dynamic platform to record product-sensitive data, product and customer-specific bill of material and intermediate processes involved with the flexibility of authorized amendments. All of this is done with tight integration to the Sales, Planning, Production, Purchase and Stores modules of New Horizon.

Moreover, this module also stores all the information about what you manufacture, the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, and the place of manufacturing. This helps the system operate in tandem with the unique processes of your enterprise.

Benefits of Material Module ERP Solution

  • Improved product management – a knowledge repository is created in New Horizon that collates relevant information about your products, processes and manufacturing resources which makes the company system-driven
  • Material classification leads to better MIS on manufacturing, inventory, finance and costing
  • Historical data on manufactured products is available readily

Key Highlights

  • Categorisation of items on the basis of their class, sub-class, MOC, and type
  • Item Code generation
  • BOM creation for unlimited levels and unlimited items
  • Stage-wise freezing of BOM to initiate procurement and production activities
  • Facility to generate order-specific BOM either from the Master BOM or from the BOM of any previous customer
  • Linking internal item code with sales item code
  • Linking sales item code with multiple customer-specific item codes
  • Facility to provide the set of options as Features
  • Keep stock of plates/sheets based on their length, breadth, thickness, number of pieces, and weight
  • Bill of material for Dimension Items can be size-wise/weight-wise
  • Facility to maintain KANBAN items along with KANBAN warehouses
  • Tracking of items that need internal or external processes with their inventory management
  • Process Sheets to capture ‘Manufacturing Knowledge’
  • Engineering Change Note to change Product Structure
  • Customer Change Note to change Customer Bill of Material even while an order is under execution