Planning Module of Discrete Manufacturing ERP

The Planning module of New Horizon ensures optimum utilisation of time and available resources – which broadly means material requirement planning and machine capacity planning – resulting in maximum value for the investment. Material requirement planning is done on the basis of the priority of each customer order attributed by the sales department and stock (forecast) orders fully automatically with AutoShop.

Finally, a production schedule is generated for machines to allocate jobs based on the priorities of production.

Benefits of Planning Module ERP Solution

  • Fully automatic planning
  • Higher efficiency and productivity due to its tight inventory control
  • Reduces inventory carrying cost
  • Shop floor loading charts provide production bottleneck
  • Advance planning that results in the fulfilling customer delivery commitments

Key Highlights

  • Facility to create Forecast Orders and take them into planning
  • Alignment of Sales Job Order with customer bill of material for each specific ordered item
  • Generation of separate Sales Job Order for each manufactured item of an order
  • Facility of manual and automatic allocation of child items required for the Sales Job Order
  • Facility to create Work Orders for the unallocated quantity of each manufactured item in the demand list
  • Change/delete/add manufacturing processes through Work Order maintenance
  • Facility to create a single WO for multiple SJOs
  • Automatic calculation of the quantity of child item required to make the Work Order quantity of the parent item
  • Reflects real-time changes in the ongoing process of work orders during production
  • The revolutionary Auto Shop MRP Engine can perform the following tasks in one go –
    • Allows you to assign- reassign priorities to multiple jobs
    • Allows you to deallocate all the items from one or multiple jobs
    • Allocates “Free” (Unreserved) material available in the stores to selected jobs
    • Allocates “Free” (Unreserved) material available in Purchase Pipeline to selected jobs
    • Creates Indents for the Bought-out items for shortage quantities and for the items falling below Minimum Inventory Levels
    • Creates Work Orders for the Manufactured/Assembled Items
    • Creates Labor Indents for the Sub-Contracted items