Purchase Module of Discrete Manufacturing ERP

The Purchase module integrates closely with the Material, Planning, Production, Stores and Finance modules for efficient and optimum purchase management. It caters to a wide range of purchase requirements of a manufacturing company.

Benefits of Purchase Module ERP Solution

  • Helps in cost reduction by providing a tight control on purchases with vendor and item price linking & locking
  • Material is received only when required, leading to increased inventory efficiency
  • Rule-based yet flexible purchase facilitates vendor analysis
  • Historical purchase data helps create predictive costs of manufacturing.

Key Highlights

  • Maintenance of rate structures to calculate an item’s landed price as per the contained tax slabs
  • Maintenance of an item’s internal unit of measurement (unit in which it is consumed) as well as purchase unit of measurement (unit in which it is purchased) and their respective factors in case of a difference between them
  • Strong item-vendor relationship to maintain rates, discounts and landed price of an item as per vendor
  • Landed price is calculated in foreign currency if the vendor deals in foreign currency
  • Item-subcontractor relationship for manufactured items
  • Integration of Process Sheet/Work Order Process Sheet to calculate the final cost of the operation
  • Economic Order Quantity, as well as Minimum Order Quantity of an item, can be associated with each vendor and subsequently ordered
  • Separate maintenance of service items along with the facility to make Indent and Purchase Order for service items
  • Bill passing for service PO by its quantity and percentage
  • Raising of Purchase Order with or without indents
  • Facility to raise Import, Regular and Capital type of Purchase Orders
  • Facility to raise inter-branch Purchase Orders
  • Allows to make amendments in PO/LRC even after authorisation
  • Facility to raise PO in various vendor currencies
  • Generation of labour indents for made-to-order and made-to-stock practices
  • Facility to cancel or short close POs
  • Allows supplier order confirmation
  • Fully GST-compliant