CRM Module of Geotextile Manufacturing ERP

CRM is the vital and foremost module of New Horizon. It provides clarity of needs to other key modules such as Material, Production, Planning and many more. Some crucial information keyed in here flows throughout New Horizon, thereby reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency. This module sees through an order right from its inception stage to its execution, taking care of all other stages in between. It has been designed to record and handle customer-specific needs followed by order-related activities and dispatches. Schedules are maintained to achieve timely deliveries. It also helps the upper management by providing statistical information that is useful for making strategic decisions.

Key Highlights of CRM Module ERP Software

  • Maintenance of customers and their shipment details
  • Maintenance of multiple buyers of a customer
  • Maintains price list of products and spares with rates, discounts and Unit of Sales
  • Link between the unit in which the Item is manufactured and the unit in which it is sold by maintaining their respective conversion factors
  • Maintenance of services offered by a company on Sales Items
  • Item-customer relationship to maintain basic price, discount and sale price for each customer
  • Facility to maintain sale price of an item for a customer in different currencies
  • Calculation and Credit Note generation of agents’ commissions on the basis of the percentage applicable on the invoices
  • Generation of inquiries raised by customers along with a record of pre-inquiry sales activities
  • Generation of regular, sales-in-transit and high-sea-sales orders with or without quotations
  • Facility to enter the width and GSM of the ordered item along with its quantity
  • Facility to raise Customer Order with Items having multiple Sales Unit of Measurements
  • Automatic calculation of weight of the item (kg) and quantity (sq. mtr.) to facilitate the execution of the Work Order
  • Creation of a delivery schedule of a Sales Order as Order Acknowledgement Form
  • Create multiple OAFs out of a single Sales Order
  • Facility to make changes in an order even after the creation of an OAF
  • Creation of proforma invoices against Sales Orders as well as quotations
  • Facility to procure bought-out items required for an order on rates negotiated by the customer with suppliers
  • Allocation and deallocation of sales items of an order in their warehouses
  • Creation of returnable and chargeable delivery challans for customers and vendors
  • Creation of delivery challan for allocated Sales Items of an order
  • Creation of excisable and non-excisable sales invoices against delivery challans including that for services
  • Creation of excisable and non-excisable sales-cum-invoice for orders and purchase rejections
    -Letter of Credit & bank guarantee
    -Fully GST-compliant
    -Dealer discounts