Production Module of Geotextile Manufacturing ERP

The main function of this module is to convert provided inputs into finished products, thereby achieving the final goal of timely order deliveries – while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. It constantly interacts with the Planning module to receive Work Orders, Stores module for its material requirements, and Quality Control module for quality-related checks on the finished products.

Key Highlights of Production Module ERP Software

  • Extra requisition for unplanned Items required during execution of Customer Order
  • Return of unused extra quantity of material
  • Rejection of material that does not pass through QC
  • Real-time details of ‘inside operations’ being performed while a work order is under execution
  • Only Time Booking possible for an item under the manufacturing process
  • Costing based on Actual Time Booking or Standard Time Booking of production
  • Facility to maintain Recipe Master