Subcontracting Module of Geotextile Manufacturing ERP

This module manages all third-party transactions by maintaining gate passes while issuing material, raising indents with or without Work Orders, and receiving processed material while taking care of required quality checks. It takes care of sub-contracting for both, made-for-order and made-for-stock kind of items. In made-for-order cases, child items belonging to a Sales Job Order against an ongoing Work Order are sent from the shop floor, for in-house processing, and the processed items are received back in the shop floor. Whereas, made-for-stock items are sent out to the subcontractors from their respective warehouses to carry out certain operations. The processed material is received back in the warehouse.

For this purpose, the Subcontracting module is tightly integrated with the Material, Purchase, Stores, Quality Control and Finance modules.

Key Highlights of Subcontracting Module ERP Software

  • Record of material that is being sent out of a warehouse for subcontracting works
  • Keeps track of material with Subcontractors
  • Provides Subcontracting for both made-to-stock and made-for-order items
  • Allows you to raise gate pass independent of indents but processed material cannot be received from a vendor without indent
  • Allows to raise indents for both made-to-stock and made-for-order items
  • Receipt of processed material against indents
  • Labour Job Gate Pass Tracking
  • Stock lying at Third-Party