Material Module of Spice Manufacturing ERP

The Material module is a simplified solution for the most complex activity. Designed specifically to serve the needs of a discrete manufacturing company. It is a dynamic platform to record product-sensitive data, product and customer-specific bill of material and intermediate processes involved with the flexibility of authorized amendments. All of this is done with tight integration to the Sales, Planning, Production, Purchase and Stores modules of New Horizon – ERP Software.

Moreover, this module captures and maintains a database of:
1. What you manufacture
2. The materials from which you manufacture
3. How you manufacture it
4. Where you manufacture it

Key Highlights of Material Module ERP Solutions

  • Categorisation of items on the basis of their class, sub-class, MOC, and type
  • Period-wise and product-wise maintenance of price-lists
  • Facility to create multiple manufacturing batches for items for which batch-tracking is required
  • Linking of items with their locations to maintain stock related parameters such as reorder quantity, lead days, minimum quantity, reorder level and maximum quantity of an item at each location
  • Linking of items with machines on which they are going to be produced
  • Facility to reserve stock of items in their stock locations for a particular period
  • BOM creation for unlimited levels and unlimited items
  • Facility to maintain three bills of material for each product
  •  Facility to link branch with one or more locations, items, price lists and general ledger accounts