Stores & Inventory Module of Spice Manufacturing ERP

This module of Spice Manufacturing ERP Software enables the enterprise to instantly respond to material requirements of other departments such as Production, Purchase and Quality Control. It manages various warehouses of the enterprise which makes it accountable for all the material in them and to help other departments meet the deadlines by providing them materials on time. It effortlessly manages all material transactions such as issues, receipts, rejections and returns to/from the vendors/customers, Work Order-related transactions as well as inter-store transactions. It also takes care of extra requisitions and scrap items.

Key Highlights of Stores & Inventory Module ERP Solutions

  • Three Inventory Valuation methods – FIFO, Weighted Average and At Cost
  • Facility to create multiple stock locations
  • Generation of gate inward against Purchase Order
  •  Generation of gate outward against Customer Order
  • Generation of Job Order with machine scheduling
  • Linking of batches with Job Order items
  • Consumption Issue against Job Orders
  • Maintenance of production-consumption details
  • Facility for internal transfer of stock
  • Allows stock adjustment