5 Common Myths About an ERP Software

5 Common Myths About an ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning is a software that assists you and your team to manage business operations. Right from real-time collection and storage of data to providing insights using the store information, it acts as a great tool to perform core processes. Despite the benefits it has to offer, a lot of misapprehensions revolve around ERP solutions. Having worked with multiple businesses of different sizes and from different industries, here are the 5 major myths we have identified in the ERP landscape.

ERP Software is Useful for Big Companies

Earlier, ERP systems were used by larger companies, however with time and innovation, this solution caters to all sizes and industries, today. Even a burgeoning firm can opt for an enterprise solution, provided they choose the right vendor. These days you can install an ERP software that grows as the business scales, i.e. if tomorrow you plan to expand your team, you can add your new employees to the current enterprise resource planning solution. Irrespective of whether your business is big or small, this tool can help you fast-track and streamline processes.

ERP, SCM, CRM, and MRP are the Same

The aforementioned tools are different systems catering to different business functions. A lot of these solutions are in-built in an ERP solution, enabling you to integrate one system that assists you in performing multiple functions.

ERP Solution Takes too Long to Implement

The time required to implement an ERP system depends on various factors such as the size of the business, the expectations of management, the degree of customisation, etc. Hence, it is important to choose an ERP solution provider who can understand your business and its needs.

ERP Tools are Used to Impress Customers

Although implementing an ERP solution correctly and utilising it effectively can assist you in impressing your customer, it is not the sole objective of the tool. In fact, that is not even the prime purpose of an ERP software. It is focused on automating daunting processes and providing superior results via enhanced operational performance. Winning a customer’s trust is just an added benefit of faster and streamlined functions provided by an enterprise resource planning software.

It is Beneficial for Managers Only

Yes, an ERP software offers important data for decision-making purposes. However, it has multiple features that are beneficial for the entire business. It improves operational procedures and boosts employee efficiency by automation. An ERP software enables you to share data across business, which eliminates duplication of work and improves planning and communication. Basically, enterprise resource planning solutions can benefit the entire company.

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