Case Studies

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Being in an industry which faces challenges pertaining to operation and production, delays and missing timelines was becoming concern for the Client. To add to this, client lost substantial time in cost estimation & quotation revision on orders for new design machines or design changes…

Valve Manufacturing

The working pattern of valve industry is sophisticated but complex. The following makes it challenging for the players in this space to stay on competitive edge…

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy market in India is poised to grow at 40% CAGR between 2020-2025. Growing at this rate, it was important for the client to integrate their processes and systems to allow seamless data and information exchange among multiple sites instead of working in silos….

Automotive Parts & Accessories

Being one of the multifaceted sectors around the globe, automotive industry is not only the largest but also dynamic & evolving one. For the client, maintaining the day-to-day records to manage multiple vendors, production process, and procurement of inventory was challenging.

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