Key Features of a Warehouse Management Systems

Key Features of a Warehouse Management Systems

A business’s distribution process, i.e. how effectively and quickly you ship your goods to consumers or other 3PL companies plays a huge role in their success

Did you know? A customer’s outlook towards your product can be influenced by your supply chain. Gone are the days when consumers had the patience to wait for 15-20 days to have their order delivered. Thus, it is imperative to offer efficient, well-managed, and quick services to your client. And to do so, businesses need to install a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can be configured as per your business requirements.

What Can WMS Solutions do?

A WMS is a solution devised to optimise activities like warehouse tracking, handling inventories, managing timely shipments, and more. Here are a few key features, your WMS solution must offer:


A cloud-based WMS provides flexibility and adapts to your business needs. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, i.e. it enables you to view critical data like receipt information, new orders, inventory levels, reports, etc. as and when needed.

Real-Time Data

The internet is paving the way for more and more advancements in technology. And the continuous upgrading has made it important for businesses to be supported with latest solutions. Receiving real-time data has in fact become exceedingly crucial. At SourcePro, our WMS solutions become the core of your business activities, and is capable of updating the team with real-time data.

Customised Reporting

Although standard reports are of paramount importance and are used throughout the supply chain process, your WMS must be capable of generating and storing customised reports. It should also allow you to customise shipping documents as per the needs of your customer.

Stock Rotation

The right WMS solution will help you with a variety of stock rotation requirements like FIFO, LIFO, lot number, receipt date, expiration date, etc. and offer support for serial number tracking.

Return Goods

Today, a logistic company’s job is not limited to shipping a product from point A to point B. Their work has become more complicated because delivery experiences are tailored as per the customer. You need to deal with returned goods and backorder processing. A WMS can update you with the shipment status and issues in real-time, offering more control over the returned goods. It enables you to manage reinspection, quality check, repackaging, reinventory, and more effectively.

While implementing a WMS into your organisation, you must ensure that it helps you in multiple ways and aids in overcoming warehousing challenges. At SourcePro, we offer a customised solution, which is specially tailored to support you in dealing with obstacles around supply chain and warehouse management.

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