Top 5 Reasons Why FMCG Business Needs An ERP

Top 5 Reasons Why FMCG Business Needs An ERP

Manufacturers in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry deal with large-scale production, and function on medium-to-low margins. Maintaining a high volume of sales is important for such businesses. The process of manufacturing fast-moving consumer products involve complex functions in addition with inventory management, supply chain, store order, warehouse, quality control, and more.

In the expansion and growing phase of FMCG business, it is crucial to organise various functions using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP software plays an essential role for the FMCG business for functioning effectively and scaling it seamlessly. Let’s dive deeper into understanding why integrating ERP software is crucial for FMCG businesses.

Reasons Why ERP Software is Imperative for FMCG Companies

1. ERP Automates and Streamlines Processing Functions

The ERP software maintains a centralised data storage accessible to all departments. The software provides real-time information to users and helps monitor the progress of all functions. The end-to-end transparency of processes allows smooth integration and effective collaboration of all departments. This increases productivity and accelerates all tasks making processes efficient.

2. Improved Customer Relationship Management

In FMCG business, you deal with different stakeholders including suppliers of raw materials, retailers, wholesalers, while your customers may include store owners, retailers, and wholesalers. With ERP, all these data can be tracked.

The CRM module of ERP software allows mapping the workflow and communication between these stakeholders giving transparency. The platform is capable of capturing all information in addition to categorising them. It helps you make strategic decisions regarding the order acceptance, production and sales of your goods.

3. Better Supply Chain Management

To ensure that the supply chain functions effectively, ERP enables complete material traceability and tracking. The supply chain management requires communication with various suppliers and partners for procurement of raw materials to ensure timely delivery of complete goods for sale. With ERP installed for your business, you can eliminate waste, implement an improved workflow, and ensure efficient management of the supply chain for your FMCG business.

4. Ensures Maintaining Consistent Quality

Consumers are loyal to a brand not because of its popular name but due to the quality of products that are delivered to them. So, the quality cannot be compromised at any cost. Most ERP software consists of a module that takes care of all quality parameters and industry compliances. In an FMCG business as well, it becomes crucial to maintain the quality of all products that are processed and packaged. Right from the vendor’s inspection to the quality check of finished goods, adhering to quality parameters is essential.

To ensure consistent standards; traceability, labelling, audit reports, shipping documents, and more become part of quality control. SourcePro ERP solution’s Quality Control and Assurance module comprise advanced features to manage quality control at all levels.

5. Helps to Boost Sales

As a manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods, you offer small-value goods that consumers buy frequently. Therefore, the volume of sales play an important role in the growth of business and profits. A software like ERP provides detailed analysis and reports, thus helping to predict an estimated demand that may arise in the near future. Such analysis helps you prepare for incoming orders and increase production and sales by identifying these opportunities.

SourcePro offers comprehensive ERP software for FMCG businesses. The New Horizon Enterprise software is made especially for manufacturing companies to streamline and automate their vital functions in the business.

To understand how ERP software can transform your manufacturing business, consult our experts at SourcePro.

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