Why Manufacturing Industry is Adopting Web-Based ERP?

Why Manufacturing Industry is Adopting Web-Based ERP?

ERP software has significantly helped the manufacturing industry to streamline and automate business functions. More recently, small and medium manufacturing businesses are switching to cost-effective ERP solutions. A web-based ERP is the preferred choice of manufacturers to control processes and maintain a centralised data system while working remotely. Let us understand in detail why manufacturers are adopting web-based ERP software.

Web-based ERP software allows users to access the ERP over the internet from any device and location through an HTTP link on a web browser. The ERP provider provides a username and password that gives you access to their web-based ERP solution.

How Web-based ERP Software is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry?

1. Saves Cost

Unlike on-premise ERP systems, web-based ERP software requires no physical installation. All you need is a device connected to the internet and authorised login credentials to access the software. The manufacturing company does not have to invest in hardware equipment, servers or their maintenance, costly workstations, installation upgrades, and security fixes. Therefore, one of the best advantages of adopting a web-based ERP solution is that the organizations can save costs and resources.

2. Improved Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. It ensures that the movement of material/goods from production units to the warehouse is seamless. From receiving raw materials to sending out finished goods for delivery, the material and inventory modules track accurate movement of resources. With a web-based ERP installation, warehouse managers can have visibility and control all supply chain activities to ensure timely fulfillment of orders.

3. Ease of Access

With access to the internet, you can use web-based ERP from anywhere, at any time. Users can make updates, exchange information, and get access to real-time data. Based on these updates and functional overview visible on the dashboard, manufacturers can make timely decisions. The SourcePro New Horizon is a web-based ERP solution that allows easy access through an internet-enabled device. You can use the ERP software on different devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, and on any operating system, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

4. Faster Communication

Due to remote access, a web-based ERP solution allows faster communication. It provides the user with quick and real-time updates that help to process related tasks faster. Manufacturers can keep a record of all active functions when working remotely. It helps them make faster decisions with the support of real-time data and updates in hand.

5. Order Management

Many ERP software has advanced functionality that streamlines various aspects of production; be it made-to-stock, made-to-order, or made-to-design. The Planning and Production modules integrate with inventory and customer modules so that manufacturers can manage overall production smoothly. It helps manage orders from BOM, production, and finally, shipping.

6. Production and Stock Tracking

Tracing inward inventory, stock, and finished goods accurately is imperative in managing manufacturing costs efficiently. Web-based ERP software helps to match the production levels to the available stock and sales. It streamlines the process of production and accurate stocking of the finished goods. The software also manages order intakes, customer requests, price quotes, and more.

7. Purchase

The purchase module of a web-based ERP system is integrated with the material, production and inventory modules. The seamless data exchanged facilitates efficient and accurate fulfilment of transactions and purchase orders. The ERP software enables effective coordination between the sub-contractors and approved suppliers. It also manages the procurement of materials, such as quotation requests and analysis, supplier listings, stock updates, and other processes.

SourcePro provides web-based ERP solutions that cater to manufacturers, especially discrete manufacturing and other businesses. Their New Horizon ERP has been built to help manufacturers effectively control and manage their business processes while reducing their inventory losses substantially. As a technology partner, they partner with Manufacturers and help them understand the functions and modules to enable them to streamline their processes. In addition to the training, dedicated customer service support helps SourcePro stand out amid its many competitors in the market.

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