In a rapidly growing Garment industry, quick solutions for technical and non-technical problems decides the business success or failure. Garment industry involves several processes and parts like procurement, workforce management, inventory, logistics and customers. Managing all these activities everyday for a growing business is a huge challenge. With a proper management solution, Garment companies can sustain this competitive market. One of the most common ways of targeting growth is by integrating an ERP solution.

India is home to several garments manufacturers. As they scale their businesses, they need must be technologically equipped to cater to their consumers and manufacturers must respond effectively to rapid changes impacting operations, finances, and production. Below are the key challenges faced by companies in this space:

  • Responding to consumer shifts
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Process sustainability to achieve efficiency
  • Waste minimization
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Integrating all the business functions with New Horizon ERP has helped our clients achieve reduced inventory wastage, timely production planning and procurement that ensured customer satisfaction for our clients. End-to-end process streamlining minimizes errors while adding efficiency at every level.

Benefits of New Horizon ERP in Garments Industry

  • Centralized Access to All Function– From viewing dashboards to management of every operations including production, quality control, supply chain, finance, sales, HR, marketing, warehouse, and shop floors among others, ERP makes it just a click away.
  • Real-time Status – ERP offers real-time tracking facility to track shipping, warehouse, and shop floors automatically without any manual up-gradation hassles.
  • Data Accuracy – Data based decisions are more effective and productive thereby improving communications with suppliers, vendors, coworkers, and customers. Real-time data update on central server eliminates redundancy and provides visibility across all levels and functions.
  • Product Standardization — Quality of raw materials in-process & finished products can be maintained by the companies using set quality parameters that can be mapped in the respective modules.
  • Reduced Wastage — Maintaining requisite stock levels is crucial to meet production timelines. ERP enables users to identify shortage and take necessary actions to process orders as per BOM. This eliminates excess inventory and wastage.
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