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ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a growing sector in the Indian economy. With today’s technology, the manufacturing sector is rapidly moving towards automated and process-driven activities, which are projected to improve efficiency and enhance productivity.


Key Issues and Major
Manufacturing Industry Challenges:

Demand Forecasting

The challenge of predicting customer demand for the future continues to plague many businesses. The main concern here is the absence of an efficient monitoring system that would help companies forecast demand for their products, make estimates on how many items they should sell in the upcoming years, and adjust production plans accordingly. And as a result, they experience a decline in sales when their goods fall short of customers' expectations.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management is the most common issue faced by manufacturers in their businesses. And most SME’s record and check on their inventory manually, which is a very time-consuming task. Manual checks on the stock are inefficient, which leads to errors, follow-on mistakes, scarcities, surpluses, and unidentified losses. Using efficient automated software can help with the real-time tracking of items and data.

Manufacturing Operations Inefficiency:

Many organisations’ top priority has always been increasing operational effectiveness. In order to boost the productivity of their operations, organisations are constantly seeking methods to reduce time and expenses. By consolidating all data on one platform, an effective ERP system can actually assist organisations in reducing their time and expenses. By streamlining workflows and modernising processes, efficiency will rise.

SourcePro offers a smart integrated solution called New Horizon ERP, which unifies all the business information in nine core manufacturing ERP modules to provide a 360-degree view of business drivers and customers at your fingertips. New Horizon is a versatile ERP solution for the manufacturing industry that easily adapts to business and industry needs while maximising ROI.

Benefits of New Horizon ERP

Centralized database for all the business processes
Improved productivity through automation of manual and routine tasks
Resource optimization ensures cost effectiveness
Transparency across channels reduces overlaps and reworks
High data security with authentication and encryption
Faster decision-making with real time data
Track value of WIP inventory
Automate planning, production, dispatch and procurement

Key modules of SourcePro Manufacturing ERP

New Horizon comes with advanced modules that integrates with your core business functions.
Our ERP system is a trusted choice for SMEs and MSMEs in manufacturing industry.
It has 9-core modules and 4 add-on modules to provide 360-degree view of the business.

Industries We Serve

We create adaptable and comprehensive industry-specific variants of our software to ensure it meets the unique needs of every industry. New Horizon ERP is built using decades of experience in key industry verticals to drive business results and give the competitive edge.

Here’s a look at the various industries powered by SourcePro.

and many more…

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP is a type of software system that helps organisations automate workflows. ERP system allows businesses to have a 360-degree view of the entire organisation and help in getting clear visibility across processes.

ERP system works as a single system for every aspect of the business operations, like inventory tracking, production, purchasing, accounting, quality checks, and all the operations of the organisation.

The system, which covers every aspect of manufacturing operations from order generation to final delivery of the product, easily collaborates and integrates various business processes involved in manufacturing organisations. And the system that helps in cut down on time and expenses.

As ERP system centralized all data at one platform which helps manufacturers in increasing more productivity, competitiveness, and better offering to satisfy customer needs. ERP systems helps in streamlining business operations and boosting productivity.

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