SourcePro New Horizon: ERP Software For Geo-textile Manufacturing Industry

The Geo-textile Manufacturing Industry has been growing exponentially, building up to a highly competitive environment. With market players fighting for greater customer attention & retention, agile and timely operations gained primary importance in an attempt to fulfil latter’s expectations. In addition, leading companies are focusing on how to introduce upgraded, latest products in the market before anyone else. This is where a Geo-textile ERP Software can help your business.

A fitting ERP software for Geo-textile industry business helps eliminate the transfer delays introduced between processes by smoothening out the internal procedure through enhanced coordination and real-time communication throughout the functions.

An ERP for Geo-textile Industry, designed by expert professionals, can give your business the speed it needs to gain a competitive edge over other market players, while you dedicate maximum efforts to product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Why SourcePro New Horizon?

New Horizon’s seamlessly integrated geo-textile manufacturing ERP Software is designed specifically for the Geo-textile Materials Industry. The software design comes from a diverse tapeline and downstream processing experience, and with an exhaustive understanding of the manufacturing process. That makes it one of the best ERP software for textile industry available.

New Horizon facilitates easy planning and scheduling at every possible level within your enterprise, while helping to alleviate any existing or predicted bottlenecks in the process.

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Features of SourcePro New Horizon

  • A fully-integrated, intuitive platform, with user-friendly dashboard
  • A single database to collect, store and analyze incoming inputs from all departments
  • Featured access to frequently used functions under the ‘favourites’ section
  • Live notifications from active departments
  • Customisable user profile
  • Allows defining function-specific filters & parameters to generate automated reports
  • Attach documents with data entry forms for detailed/added reference
  • Mark documents with ‘Authorised/Unauthorised/Deleted’ for a filtered search
  • ‘Search’ allows user to recall specific data
  • Facility to change the order of data in grids
  • One-click access to detailed help on topics
  • Relevant help based on current screen layout
  • Easily swappable multilingual user interface

Our Material Module is a dynamic platform that caters to the specific needs of geotextile manufacturing companies. It records product-sensitive data in a manner that simplifies one of the most complex activities within the process.

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Our Customer Relationship Module addresses the whole range of solutions covering machinery sales and maintenance, as well as identifying the high-potential prospects. It records and handles customer-specific needs followed by order-related activities and dispatches.

ERP Planning Module - SourcePro

Our Planning Module uses data from other integrated functions to forecast material and machine capacity required with a just-in-time approach. It records incoming priority of customer orders from the sales department to create planning items automatically.

ERP Accounting Software - SourcePro

Our Purchase Module gives an overview of, and helps manage, the individual component demand to deliver a customer order. It raises timely alerts for supply chain manager to purchase the components and see through the completion of order.

Warehouse System | SourcePro

Our Stores & Inventory Module enables the enterprise to respond instantly to material requirements of other departments such as Production, Purchase and Quality Control. It offers a single platform to overview and manage material stored in all warehouses helping the departments meet their deadlines.

Our Production Module works in tandem with the planning module to ensure that the products are ready exactly how the customer demanded and exactly when the customer needs them. It receives work orders, records material requirements, and ensures quality checks on finished products

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Our Sub-contracting Module manages all third-party transactions as a part of extended supply chain planning for both made-for-order and made-for-stock kind of items. It involves maintaining gate passes while issuing materials, raising indents, and receiving processed material with quality checks.

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Our Quality Control and Assurance Module defines the control parameters for items and processes as required across the Material, Production, Purchase, Stores and Sub-contracting departments. It records values for ongoing work as well as for received and delivered orders for management to assess individual processes and vendors.

Our Finance Module records instant postings from other modules to eliminate paperwork and eventually prevents duplication and discrepancy of data. Its strict adherence to the document principle provides an unbroken audit trail from the financial statements to the individual documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Geotextile Manufacturing ERP aims to help your business grow in this booming industry. The geotextile industry faces two major challenges—customer attention and retention. And thus, agility is the prime requirement for these companies. ERP software for geotextile industry businesses provides a much-needed competitive edge by enabling organisations to be expeditious with real-time reports, end-to-end automation, and more.

Propelled by its great impact on protecting natural disasters, the Geotextile manufacturing has gained immense popularity. It is utilised to protect and reinforce the soil worldwide. Large-scale companies are trying to develop innovative products so as to lead the market. So, in an industry that is growing and upgrading exponentially, businesses need to seek support from tools that can automate and accelerate processes. This will allow the manpower of the company to invest more time in planning, strategising, and innovating.

Geotextile Manufacturing ERP can benefit from its Material Module—it stores all details about the product, from the materials required to produce a certain item, to how and where it is manufactured. It eliminates the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process. An ERP solution for geotextile manufacturing companies facilitates easy planning, scheduling, and identification of unnoticed obstacles in the process.

The geotextile industry is still in its booming phase, and thus companies need to look for features that can help them adapt to this dynamic growth. ERP for a geotextile manufacturing company must be capable of performing the following:

  1. Assisting you in choosing the right suppliers as well as distributors
  2. Raising a purchase order with and without indents
  3. Keeping a check on the quality of production for the ongoing work orders
  4. Storing component details and manufacturing procedures for all types of products
  5. Keeping a track of materials that are being sent out of the warehouse for subcontracting
  6. Creating the delivery schedule of a sales order

In short, companies must ensure that the tool can tackle the challenges faced by the geotextile industry and help scale the business.

Unlike a generic ERP system, Geotextile Manufacturing ERP software is designed for this specific industry, and hence is more affordable than Tier-1 ERP solutions.

Since it combines value-for-money with tailor-made specifications, it is an ideal choice for geotextile manufacturing companies, particularly SMEs.

ERP solutions are classified into two types—On-premise and Cloud-based. They are explained below in detail.

On-premise ERP: In this traditional setup, the ERP software is installed at the native server of the company. On-premise ERP requires significant initial capital as the company needs to purchase software licences. The advantage of this deployment is that it gives you total control over the usage. However, a robust in-house IT team is needed for system maintenance and security upkeep, along with troubleshooting user issues.

Cloud-Based ERP: This is an emerging popular ERP solution, due to the increased affordability of cloud services and the growth of IoT. Offered via a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model, these ERP systems are like a subscription service—users can avail various modules as per their needs by paying monthly or quarterly fees.

The primary benefits of cloud-based ERP systems are real-time insights, ensured security through data encryption, and remote operation. With a good internet connection, employees can work from various locations and access and update information in real-time.