Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment deal with several dynamics in their complicated manufacturing process apart from other things like Bill of materials, producing components and sub-assemblies, and a final assembly with hundreds of pieces, several processes, and thousands of activities. The need to collaborate across different functions is very critical especially as business grows and expands.

Embracing digital innovation & technology is crucial in this phase of business. An ideal ERP system for this industry allows to connect all the business processes and functions, assist in establishing smooth communication & teamwork required to execute all the processes.

New Horizon is an ideal ERP for industrial machinery that offers flexibility to M & E companies that deal with precise specifications and demanding delivery schedules.

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Challenges of Machinery & Equipment

Businesses in Machinery & Equipment space face critical supply chain challenges which are alleviated due to limited insight into their business operations. Simultaneously, management of manufacturing and supply chain tasks usually have huge overlap in responsibility which needs to be resolved for timely production schedules and order delivery. These processes involve a significant amount of work that go beyond inventory management.

The challenges of this industry can be broadly listed as below:

  • Deal with complex product design specifications in addition to production problems
  • Inability to track jobs, monitoring work and production planning for new orders
  • Lack of information to calculate costs & provide accurate quotes
  • Absence of precise data to forecast inventory levels
  • Problems with quality control and traceability

Best ERP for Industrial Equipment

New Horizon ERP as a platform brings immense benefits to the Machinery & Equipment sector.

  • Integrated Platform that allows coordinating production design, planning, manufacturing at the same time.
  • IoT devices on the shop floor significantly reduce costs, improve productivity, and allow businesses to focus on optimizing production operations.
  • Faster sales order processing with accurate and speedy quotations and enabling better customer service.
  • Complete visibility of the supply chain portal allows collaboration on pricing, stock availability and planned delivery.
  • Full traceability to ensure quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

With New Horizon, an ideal ERP for industrial equipment, organizations can quickly onboard their employees and get started.

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