Solar & Renewable Energy

Solar & Renewable Energy Sector is booming. As the team grows from 50 to 500 employees, the need to streamline business processes becomes imperative. Despite the demand for sustainable energy, there is cutthroat in this industry. These companies directly connect with their customer base to deliver solutions in this fast-paced world. Without proper planning, a renewable energy business can face many issues.

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Challenges of Solar & Renewable Energy

  • Excessive spreadsheet usage for managing business operations
  • Difficulty tracking inventory across warehouses and production sites
  • Combining incompatible entry-level software, disparate technology systems, and specialty programs to run their businesses
  • Manually shuttle data between incompatible applications
  • Expansion in business requires a proportional increase in the workflow.
  • Difficult to generate reports due to scattered information

This industry is competitive, and to stay in the marketplace, leverage our fully feature loaded New Horizon ERP. Total business visibility leads to a better understanding of the inventory, WIP and fund flows. Furthermore, real-time tracking and visibility enable the reduction of unnecessary expenses and optimize production. From monitoring real-time operations, data-driven reporting, budget planning and management, customer management, and more can be smoothly managed.

Benefits with New Horizon ERP

Benefits to Solar & Renewable Energy with New Horizon ERP:

  • Centralizing the multiple business processes for smooth work performance
  • Accurate project insight into project status, costs and profitability
  • Real-time inventory status, pricing and purchasing from vendors
  • Manage multiple inventories for your renewable energy business
  • Synchronization of project bills of materials (BOM) on sales orders
  • Visual dashboards for in-depth & quick insights
  • Back-end process integration with accounting & finance
  • Company-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards and alerts
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