Spices Manufacturing

Despite continuous technology advancements, the adoption of the new mechanisms remain elusive to small and medium-sized players in the Spice Manufacturing Industry. With the added pressure from regulatory authorities, an optimized operation with ERP software for Spice Manufacturing becomes necessary to maximize profits for the enterprise within a highly fragmented market.

An ERP for spice manufacturing—designed for the highly-regulated processes in the food and beverage industry—enhances the overall production by the measures of consistency, quality, time taken, and volume, to ensure that the enterprise is there to fulfill customer’s demands before, and better than, its competition.

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Why SourcePro New Horizon ERP?

SourcePro New Horizon—an integrated ERP software for food industry—is built to manage each step in the manufacturing of herbs, spices, seasoning blends, and spice-based flavorings. It transfers the complete control of the process—right from the farm to the shelf—in the hands of the key decision makers and executives within the enterprise.

A food ERP software by category, New Horizon for spices and seasoning manufacturing business simplifies seemingly complex bottlenecks in the process. This effectively reducing the turnaround time for launching new, competitive products, portion sizes, and packaging.

Features of SourcePro New Horizon ERP

  • A user-friendly dashboard with overview of data from all departments
  • Single, centralized database to collect, store and analyze information
  • ‘Favourites’ section to list frequently used functions
  • Real-time notifications from every department
  • Allows user to create their unique profile
  • Provision to generate automated reports based on select filters & parameters
  • Enables user to attach documents with data entry forms
  • Option to mark document status as ‘Authorised/Unauthorised/Deleted’
  • ‘Search’ facility to sieve through the complete database
  • Readily available access to exhaustive help on any topic
  • Help ‘suggestions’ based on current screen layout
  • Dynamic, multilingual user interface
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