Ceramics Manufacturing

The challenges of Ceramics Manufacturing are unique, and beyond those relevant to the usual resource management. The most critical part of the process is safe handling of customer orders within tight lead times. One can imply that the inventory upkeep is highly stressful in such a scenario, and it reflects on the functions of other departments as well. Thus arises the need of Ceramics Manufacturing-specific ERP software.

With an ERP for ceramic manufacturing, business owners can effectively optimise the operations to reduce inventory costs, eliminate waste, ensure simultaneous execution of different production strategies for different types of orders, and address multiple specifications request per product from customers for optimal utilization of machine runtime.

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ERP Software for Ceramic Manufacturing

New Horizon is one of the best ERP solutions for ceramics industry, which helps manufacturers tackle unique challenges of this industry such as costing, multiple SKUs management, quality controls, batch management, supply chain efficiency, pricing controls, discounts & schemes and more.

The New Horizon ceramic manufacturing ERP solution allows central management of all critical processes within the business—right from material management, warehouse control, quality assurance, production & planning to financial management in addition to industry-specific features for Ceramics.

Features of SourcePro New Horizon ERP

  • Add frequently used functions to ‘Favourites’ for quick access
  • View notifications from other departments in real time
  • Create and maintain unique user profile
  • Access items through advanced search from dashboard
  • Generate automated reports based on selected filters
  • Attach documents with almost data entry forms
  • Search and change the order of data in grids
  • Filter documents based on their status i.e. Authorized/Unauthorized/Deleted
  • Get detailed help through hyperlinks
  • View Help suggestions relevant to active screen’s layout
  • Switch between multiple languages as required
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