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New Horizon: ERP Solution For Ceramics Manufacturing

The challenges of Ceramics Manufacturing are unique, and beyond those relevant to the usual resource management.  The most critical part of the process is safe handling of customer orders within tight lead times. One can imply that the inventory upkeep is highly stressful in such a scenario, and it reflects on the functions of other departments as well.  Thus arises the need of Ceramics Manufacturing-specific ERP software.

With an integrated ERP software for ceramics manufacturing, business owners can effectively optimise the operations to reduce inventory costs, eliminate waste, ensure simultaneous execution of different production strategies for different types of orders, and address multiple specifications request per product from customers for optimal utilisation of machine runtime.

Why SourcePro New Horizon?

New Horizon is one of the best ERP solutions for ceramics industry, which helps manufacturers tackle unique challenges of this industry such as costing, multiple SKUs management, quality controls, batch management, supply chain efficiency, pricing controls, discounts & schemes and more.

The New Horizon ceramic manufacturing ERP solution allows central management of all critical processes within the business—right from material management, warehouse control, quality assurance, production & planning to financial management in addition to industry-specific features for Ceramics.

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Features of SourcePro New Horizon

  • Add frequently used functions to ‘Favourites’ for quick access
  • View notifications from other departments in real time
  • Create and maintain unique user profile
  • Access items through advanced search from dashboard
  • Generate automated reports based on selected filters
  • Attach documents with almost data entry forms
  • Search and change the order of data in grids
  • Filter documents based on their status i.e. Authorised/Unauthorised/Deleted
  • Get detailed help through hyperlinks
  • View Help suggestions relevant to active screen’s layout
  • Switch between multiple languages as required

Our Material Module is a dynamic platform that caters to the specific needs of ceramics manufacturing companies. It records product-sensitive data in a manner that simplifies one of the most complex activities within the process.

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Our Customer Relationship Module addresses the whole range of solutions covering machinery sales and maintenance, as well as identifying the high-potential prospects. It records and handles customer-specific needs followed by order-related activities and dispatches.

ERP Planning Module - SourcePro

Our Planning Module uses data from other integrated functions to forecast material and machine capacity required with a just-in-time approach. It records incoming priority of customer orders from the sales department to create planning items automatically.

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Our Purchase Module gives an overview of, and helps manage, the individual component demand to deliver a customer order. It raises timely alerts for supply chain manager to purchase the components and see through the completion of order.

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Our Stores & Inventory Module enables the enterprise to respond instantly to material requirements of other departments such as Production, Purchase and Quality Control. It offers a single platform to overview and manage material stored in all warehouses helping the departments meet their deadlines.

Our Production Module works in tandem with the planning module to ensure that the products are ready exactly how the customer demanded and exactly when the customer needs them. It receives work orders, records material requirements, and ensures quality checks on finished products

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Our Sub-contracting Module manages all third-party transactions as a part of extended supply chain planning for both made-for-order and made-for-stock kind of items. It involves maintaining gate passes while issuing materials, raising indents, and receiving processed material with quality checks.

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Our Quality Control and Assurance Module defines the control parameters for items and processes as required across the Material, Production, Purchase, Stores and Sub-contracting departments. It records values for ongoing work as well as for received and delivered orders for management to assess individual processes and vendors.

Our Finance Module records instant postings from other modules to eliminate paperwork and eventually prevents duplication and discrepancy of data. Its strict adherence to the document principle provides an unbroken audit trail from the financial statements to the individual documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramics Manufacturing ERP is developed specifically for the industry that produces pots and other clay articles. It focuses on helping ceramics manufacturing companies to overcome industry-specific challenges like handling customer orders, inventory upkeep, and more. Once this tool is implemented, it becomes the core of all key processes within the organisation.

A Ceramics Manufacturing ERP solution manages inventory and eliminates wastage of resources and time. It assists you in distributing your goods to the right vendors from the list of floating inquiries to ensure maximum profit. An ERP solution for the ceramics manufacturing business tackles the challenges encountered in this industry—multiple SKUs management, quality control, pricing control, inventory management, and more. Since ceramics manufacturing companies export their goods, they require a centralised system to handle export procedures seamlessly. ERP software for the ceramics industry has built-in features that can fast-track the said requirements.

Implementing an ERP system can be an investment for your business, and thus it is important that you choose the right one. So, here are a few features companies must consider while opting for a Ceramics Manufacturing ERP solution:

  1. Automatic price updates in sales order
  2. Quality control for raw materials and finished goods
  3. Capability of generating sales invoice via a delivery order
  4. Calculation of individual tile areas in different units for better packaging of articles
  5. Application of SKUs to each billable product
  6. Enables creation of multiple warehouses
  7. Has the option of receiving products with/without a purchase order
  8. Creates forecast orders and plans accordingly

Basically, you need to ensure that your ERP solution helps you in all aspects of manufacturing ceramics, i.e. sales, materials, purchase, stores & inventory, planning, production, subcontracting, quality control, and finance.

Tier-1 ERP solutions can be heavy on your pockets. However, a customisable ERP system’s price would depend on the functionalities chosen by you. This type of a solution is highly recommended because you are paying only for those features that your company needs.

There are two types of Ceramics Manufacturing ERP solutions implemented by us at SourcePro, on-premise and cloud-based.

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