It was recently forecasted that Indian Industrial Valves Market valued at USD2,731.45 million in 2022 and is geared up for growth of approximately CAGR of 5.65% through 2028. The rising demand for valves can be attributed to the demand from prominent sectors like oil and gas, energy, water, and machine manufacturing. This industry being poised for manifold growth makes it more competitive. With the competition among players in the valves manufacturing, it is extremely crucial for businesses to have an integrated ERP platform that would help them gain operational excellence and stay ahead of competitors.

Processes like demand planning, purchase management, planning, material requirements planning, and inventory management are crucial in the valve manufacturing process. With narrow operating margins in this industry, businesses must optimize their resources and for achieving efficiency and higher profitability.

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Valve Industry Challenges

Talking about the nature of orders, variation in different parameters such as its Types, Size, Class, and other measurements makes the processes complex for this industry. Added to these is the need for customization of valves which needs to be engineered and then produced. Many times, businesses prefer to subcontract the casting work to third parties, which adds to timeline delays and additional step of QC.

In many instances, suppliers and customer are located overseas, while the factories are in different cities of India. In such scenario, manufacturing and delivering a new product becomes difficult, especially managing the entire process from manufacturing to delivery. Late deliverables also add to tight cash-flow and shortage of working capital. It becomes very crucial to maintain product quality, support customers efficiently in addition to minimizing costs, and staying competitive. The challenges can be outlined broadly as below:

  • Aggressive industry competition
  • Wide product range and specifications
  • Stringent quality norms
  • Tight cash flow and working capital

Streamlining with New Horizon ERP

Designed to meet the needs of growing and expanding business, New Horizon ERP helps companies in the Valve industry improve their efficiency and in turn profitability. With integrated functionalities and modules within this robust platform, this helps streamline the operations, resourcing, manufacturing processes in addition to better customer satisfaction.

Being future-ready, New Horizon ERP integrates all functions to create synergy effortlessly across the organization. The in-dept understanding of the industry challenges presented in valves industry, special configurations and templates are curated by experts from SourcePro. The architecture of New Horizon fits in easily to allow on-premise, cloud and hybrid implementation based on organization needs. Here are some specific functionalities which Valve industry users can leverage in this ERP for business streamlining:

  • Component Mapping with Serial numbers
  • Master Design and Pattern Management
  • Off-the-shelf & Customization Costing

SourcePro partners with its customer in migrating their business operations and empowering them with digital transformation. We have a responsive implementation and support team that coordinates through implementation and user training. This allows our customer to start smoothly while minimizing the hiccups of using a new platform. New Horizon makes the business clearer and easier to manage while managing their day-to-day operations effortlessly and make better decisions based on accurate real-time information.

Business Benefits for Valve Industry with New Horizon ERP

  • Accuracy and perfection in manufacturing process
  • Maintain all requirements and product specifications
  • Process automation for purchase, planning, production, jobwork, etc.
  • Control inventory level with MRP
  • Maintain logs for history & traceability
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Analysis of rejection and rework

Our ERP caters to manage and overcome challenges faced by this industry in a very efficient way.

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