Electrical & Electronics

Primarily electrical & electronics manufacturers are involved in production of generators, boilers, turbines, electrical transformers, electrical cables & wires, switchgears, capacitors, process & control equipment, instrumentation & control equipment, measuring equipment & instruments, lighting & luminaries etc. Companies in this industry must avoid situations of stock out or overstocking in all possible ways. For inventory control and material requirement planning, erp for electronics are critical. Apart from that, businesses must integrate and streamline critical business processes such as procurement, inventory management, supply chain, asset management & plant maintenance to improve logistics, control production costs to ensure profitability.

Electrical & Electronics manufacturers by integrating technology tools can optimize their supply chains. Hence, ERP for electronics manufacturing companies help businesses obtain seamless accurate data. With real-time visibility throughout the organization processes, leaders can track machines, supply chains, production processes, costs, materials, etc.

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ERP for Electronics Industry

New Horizon ERP brings operational excellence, safety, speed, and optimized costs for electrical & electronics manufacturers. Businesses can automate their vendor list, material billing, orders, and other basic manufacturing processes to reduce inefficiencies and errors due to data mishandling. New Horizon- an ERP for electrical and electronics manufacturing helps decision makers track weaker areas paving the way for real-time and seamless data flow across the organization.

Challenges resolved with New Horizon ERP

Challenges resolved for Electronics & Electrical Manufacturers with New Horizon ERP are:

  • Procurement & Purchase: Component Sourcing includes raw materials, parts, products, and labor in all its forms, location and services, especially managing components of all the vital inputs required for an organization to operate. Parts specified on your BOM can be ordered for each assembly jobs based on design specification. Our ERP automates entire procure-to-pay cycle for business thereby giving users complete control of every procurement process operation.
  • BOM Generation & Management: The BOM generated is integrated with Production Order, using which reservations for the components are in stocked and requisition requests for the components which are not in stock is processed. Our ERP allows to validate single & multi-level BOM with accuracy, completeness, and consistency.
  • Integrated Inventory Management: To maintain optimum inventory level, organization constantly struggle to meet its requirements and avoid over or under inventory that can impact the financial figures. New Horizon ERP minimizes overhead and increases efficiency by tackling several common inventory challenges and providing process visibility.
  • Production Planning & Resources: Planning module of New Horizon ERP can easily track every activity of workers, equipment, products with their components and relevant resources. It also enables you to accurately defines your work shifts, including the leaves and holidays of the worker. Based on data, capacity planning can be done for production team.
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