Generic Vs Industry-Specific: Which One’s a Better ERP Solution?

Generic Vs Industry-Specific: Which One’s a Better ERP Solution?

As a businessman, once you have decided to install an ERP solution, there is another crucial decision you need to make. And that is:

Whether to choose a generic ERP software, or the one specially designed for your industry?

Implementation of an ERP means looking into various aspects of your business, and understanding your expectations from the solution. Unless and until you are not clear about that, you cannot go ahead with putting an ERP solution into effect.

Understanding your business processes and its needs is something only you can do. However, we can explain these two online ERP software programs in detail for you, so you can make the right choice.

Generic ERP

Let’s discuss this type of ERP first, as the word ‘generic’ usually raises a negative overtone. A generic enterprise resource planning ERP is like any off-the-shelf solution that can be customised as per your business needs, however it offers very little space for configuring the solution. Yet, it has one winning advantage: it offers the one-fits-all approach along with cost-effectiveness.

You can implement a generic ERP software if you need common features with little to no customisation in the core module. It provides all necessary characteristics required to automate and streamline the workflow of your business.

Industry-Specific ERP

An industry-specific ERP solution is designed as per industry needs. For example, manufacturing ERP or hospitality ERP. An ERP designed specifically for an industry comes with deeper functionalities, covering all aspects and challenges of an industry.

To begin with, an ERP solution in general is a massive tool as it integrates, automates, and streamlines processes across the company. An industry-specific ERP on the other hand, takes multiple industry-related regulations and processes into consideration. A manufacturer that produces electronic appliances may have different processes as compared to the one producing fabrics. Right from management of raw materials to designing of a product, every process would have varying steps of completion. And thus, while investing in an ERP, the textile manufacturer can’t opt for the one designed for electronics manufacturers, and vice versa.

How to Choose the Right ERP Solution?

Before you come on to the stage where you need to make a choice between a generic and industry-specific ERP, try to ascertain why and for which processes do you need an enterprise solution. Once you have determined that, you can do a thorough research on ERP software providers to identify vendors that meet your needs.

There are times when companies have a hard time making a choice, if you are one of them, contact us. At SourcePro, our experts are always keen on helping businesses install the right solution. We also offer a configurable ERP solution that streamlines and automates daunting processes, helping you and your employees to focus on operations that require critical thinking, excellence, and creativity.

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