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Automate Your WMS Tracking Through WARE-FI

The warehouse management solution—WARE-FI, developed by SourcePro, integrates and optimizes the entire functioning of your warehouse.

Ideal for finished goods warehouses of manufacturing plants, distributors, and carrying & forwarding agents, WARE-FI automates binning, storing & picking, and dispatch. Apart from that, this warehouse management system also validates each step by maintaining real-time inventory movement through Wi-Fi enabled barcode scanner.

Features Of Warehouse Management System

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WARE-FI flawlessly integrates with any ERP overlay that you use – be it Tier-1 ERP solutions or any other customised software. This enables seamless data exchange between software and consequently improves ROI on your technology investments.

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User-friendly Interface

The intuitive design and smooth-functioning UI of WARE-FI make it incredibly easy to navigate and save precious time and effort of the user.

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Cloud-based & Device Independent

Eliminate silos. Access WARE-FI across all your devices and operating systems without any difficulty.

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Fast & Accurate

Real-time stock visibility and precision movement reduces inventory loss while improving customer satisfaction. Managers can quickly move the right product to the correct location at the lowest transaction cost.

Real Time Data
Real-time Data & Actionable Reports

Explore and analyse data real-time on the dashboard to improve productivity and rectify possible errors immediately. Get instant reports on date range, delivery number, and stock parameters including material, warehouse, storage location, and bin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

WMS stands for “Warehouse Management System”. It is a software tool that helps optimise the functions of a warehouse or distribution centre. It provides functions for all processes of a warehouse, including stock collection, storage, and shipping.

Main types of Warehouse management systems are as follows:

Standalone WMS: This type of WMS is cheaper in price and thus is basic. It offers no extra supply chain functions and includes only inventory management and warehouse operations.

Cloud-Based WMS: This type of warehouse management system offers flexibility and scalability. It can adapt to your business needs, increase productivity, automate warehouse operations, and facilitate disaster recovery.

A WMS can come as a great support system for manufacturers and third-party logistics companies. It optimizes processes, assesses the efficiency of each worker, and reduces operational costs significantly. It eliminates error-prone manual processes and minimizes delivery lead time, which result in happy customers.

Managing a warehouse manually is a challenging task, especially for small business owners. Every day, hundreds of packages and pallets move through the system, and not having a WMS can hamper productivity. A good WMS offers improved inventory accuracy, increased associate productivity, and reduced fulfilment time, leading to satisfied customers. Hence, a WMS is a wise financial decision to help your company grow.

A WMS can be a great investment. It is developed to control every warehouse process, keep a track on every unit with intricate details, and improve inventory accuracy. It accelerates and streamlines warehouse operations, and eventually provides a huge pay off.