How Does the ERP System Help To Improve Customer Service?

How Does the ERP System Help To Improve Customer Service?

Thriving companies understand that it is essential to streamline business functions with the help of modern technology. Due to the global market and increasing competition, customers have several options. When they are not satisfied with the company’s product or service, they will turn to another provider. Thus, organisations want to ensure that they can succeed in providing their best services. Customer service and experience are influenced by many factors and a single department cannot manage it.

Companies have to ensure that their prices stay competitive while maintaining quality services for their customers. Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can help the company reduce its cost and improve its services. A customer service module in an ERP software enables the company to handle different processes including sales orders, billing, invoicing, customer relationship management, and more.

Let us understand how ERP solutions with a CRM module can help an organisation improve its customer service:

Better Access for Customer Handling

An ERP system integrates the various modules of an enterprise, and thus it has a single database for all departments. ERP enables better coordination between the office and the warehouse. There is no confusion because every user can easily access data in real time. This ensures that no miscommunication happens with the customer or internally in the company. With the use of ERP, there is no discrepancy regarding the products, and customers receive accurate information.

Customer Information

Keeping a record of customer’s information is one of the essential functions of any business. An ERP system helps to store data of customers and their orders. It automates repetitive functions to improve customer experience. ERP enables customers or clients to have access to a catalogue of products, inventory levels, and other important information.

Matching Supply with Demand

Modern ERP solutions keep a record of everything, and enable you to gauge the supply and demand for your goods and services. Depending on the needs of customers, the manufacturer or supplier can assign priority scores for customers, supply locations, and service level rules.

Keeps Price Competitive

Customers have the habit of comparing different sellers and providers before making a purchase. ERP plays a vital role to keep the prices competitive as it helps in reducing the inventory and the cost of manufacturing. Fluctuations in price due to types of orders and sizes can be managed by the ERP system. When a company manages to serve good quality with better customer service, it attracts more and more customers.

Increases Customer Retention

You may have heard that customers are always right and they are the king! Well, it is because customers are like assets for any business or organisation. Therefore, it is essential to treat them well and offer the best service if you want to retain them. Information of a customer’s life cycle helps to understand his or her journey with a business. ERP users have access to customer and inventory details, businesses can use this data to better communicate with a client.

Improves User Experience

Organisations using an ERP system can provide better assistance to their customers. This is because employees can view the complete customer history. It enables the employees to ensure that their loyal and best customers get rewarded through discounts or special offers. As the shipping operation improves, customers receive accurate order tracking information and shipping notifications.

Any enterprise must aim at better customer relationship management, quality services, and increased sales performance to achieve their goals. We, at SourcePro, understand the need for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in an organisation or business. Connect with us to gain a holistic understanding of the role an ERP system plays in customer relationship management. We offer customised ERP solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

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